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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

7 fun ways to say "I love you"

Tell the person that you love your feelings sometimes cannot be easy for some takes courage. But doing so is a way to help make the relationship more stable and even has benefits for you.

According to Kory Floyd , professor at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at the Arizona State University , communicate feelings to others through words or actions, not only feel them , provides a wide range of benefits 
to health .

Smile of love 


So you can express your feelings in a way that is memorable, we present some fun ways to say I love you . The mood is always a weapon that attracts people.

1. With your pet. If both are lovers of animals , nothing more beautiful than roses or send a letter of lovewith your pet as a messenger. A study by the University of Claremont , Arkansas, indicates that domesticated animals are able to love their owners.

2. In the shower. While your partnertake a relaxing bath, steam can benefit to draw a heart in the mirror and put the message of love you want, if you do prevented you see will be more fun and amazing when you leave.

A study published in Human Communication Research says that just putting your feelings affectionate on paper can lower your levels of cholesterol .

3. Music. Although we are able to hear all the songs we like, nothing like having a cd with representing their history of love . By listening to him you will know that you have really paid attention to the relationship and its best moments.

4. Post-it. A fun way to express your love is using these everyday pieces of paper, but to be a way the original has a picture with them, you can use the wall of his bedroom and in the end only need to write a message expressing what you really feel.

Researchers at the MIT Sloan School of Management , said that men are more likely to say "I love you " first in a relationship .

5. Inside an egg. The simple idea of doing so surprising is already a point in your favor, you can make a small hole and remove the contents, rinse well (to remove the smell) and enter your message "I love you". If you want you can decorate the outside and give a touch special .

6. Collage. You can use pictures of both and put them in such a way that the phrase "I love you " is highlighted, put it outside the window in a place where it is impossible not to see. They are fun to relive their moments together.

Based on various studies , the Health and Human Services Department indicates that the best logic to explain that loving relationships are good for health , is that human beings are created to live in well - knit social groups.

7. Book of coupons. A fun way to say and show love is consenting to the couple , there are things like massages, kisses, hugs that can be included in a "voucher" when you really need something may redeem and enjoy their moments.

In one study, Kory Floyd and his colleagues showed that people with more affection in their lives release more oxytocin during stress than those with little affection. 
These are just a few fun ways to say "I love you" that can be applied in your relationship , it is best to put your touch of originality and, above all, commitment to be unforgettable.

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