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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy Valentines Day Quotes Wishes SMS Messages Shayari FB & Whatsapp Status

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Here we publish and share phrases of love, messages, quotes, poems, verses, romantic thoughts, postcards and images decorated with romantic themes related to this Valentines Day.

On February 14 of every year is celebrated in most countries of the world Valentines Day. This is a day appointed dedicated to love, celebrate boyfriends, lovers, marriages and even who feel an illusion, even if they are not reciprocated. Here we provide some unique Happy Valentines DayQuotes.

It is a tradition this beautiful Valentines day to give cards, flowers, chocolates and other presents, the bride and groom, spouses, lovers and also all those who feel arrowed, even if there is no formal relationship. So, everyone collect Valentines Day Wishes here and Shayari via FB & Whatsapp Status.

Many also pay tribute, congratulate and honor the friends, especially the closest and sincere.

The symbol of Love and this celebration is the heart with an arrow, which means to be in love. Here we update most beautiful Valentines Day SMS English, Valentines Day Messages Hindi and in other languages.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes


·         On this Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, I send you a rose, a kiss of love and my heart for you.

·         Wanting without hope is a beautiful love, I love you and I expect nothing from you, see if I will love you.

·         Sorry for loving you too much, but I do not know how to love you less.

·         Stop breathing for a minute, and you will feel what I feel, when you are not. 

·         If love were punished I would have a life sentence.

Valentines Day Wishes


·         To you who are the lips of my smile, to you who are the eyes of my sweet look, to you who are the crystal of my soul, to you it is that I can only love.

·         Love of my loves, I'm crazy for you, you do not know what I feel, when you're not with me. 

valentines day messages

·         I like you so much, that I even like being in prison, in the networks of your charm.

·         I stop the world when you look at me, as you look at me and steal sighs to heaven for your kisses, I think I can not love you more and yet, every moment I love you more and more.

·         I remember you with tenderness, I still taste your kisses like a candy, I look at your photo with a smile and with this phrase of love, I send my heart to you. 

·         You're the gift I never asked for, the piece of heaven I did not deserve ... I love you.

Valentines Day SMS English

·         Devil with clear eyes, you are a great thief, because without realizing it, you stole my heart. 

·         If you want to hurt me do not do it with a dagger, just tell me that you do not love me, and the wound will be deadly.

·         I know I can not fly, but someone who makes me feel that I can achieve it and that person is you. 

·         Yellow is gold, white is silver, and black is the look that kills me. 

·         Pin handles look like your eyelashes and every time you look at me, you stick them in my soul.

Valentines Day Messages Hindi


Tere Naam Ko Honto Pe Sajaya He Mene Tere Ruh Ko Apne Dil Me Basaya He Mene Dunya Tumhen Dhondte Dhondte Ho Jaye Gi Pagal Dil Ke Aise Kone Me Chupaya He Mene.

Ap He Apni Adayon Pe Zara Ghor Karen Hum Agar Araz Karen Gay To Shekayat Ho Gi.. Happy Valentine Day Jaan Jee.

Valentines Day Messages Hindi

Mohabbat K Raste Me Har Waqt Dard Mile Ga. Meri Mano Dost, To Isi Raste Par Medical Store Khol Lo Mast Chale Ga 🙂 Happy Valentine Day

Valentines Day Shayari FB & Whatsapp Status

·  Do not kill me with a knife, do not kill me with a dagger; Kill me with a kiss from you, from your glass mouth. 

·  For some eyes that I am seeing, for those eyes I die, and although I know that they have owner, owner and everything I love. 

·  Your eyes are to blame for what has happened to me, because with just a look the heart has stolen. 

 ·  I will forget the day a dumb man tells a deaf man to look at a blind man who is looking at a paralytic running. Never forget you. 

What blame is the flower of being born in the field, which I have blame for having loved you so much.

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