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Monday, 9 January 2017

How to know if you love or like ...

How to know if you love or like

Here are some clues to find out how your love relationships are 

Relationships of love: love or being in love The beginnings of a love relationship can be confusing ... How do you know if you are in love with you ... or just like you ...?

Here are some clues:

If you like
If he is in love with you
Your roommate will introduce you
It will introduce you to your circle of friends and family.
Will invite you to a party next weekend
Will invite you to your brother's wedding next year
It will take you a soup when you have a cold
It will caress your hair while you make soup
Will be offered to walk the dog while you are out of town
You will be offered to walk your sister's dog while out of town
You will remember your favourite brand of wine and buy one on the way to your apartment
You will have your fridge full of all the food and drink you like
You will have no problem leaving some personal items in your apartment
It will offer you an entire section of your personal closet for you
You'll buy you a box of assorted chocolates on Valentine 's Day
You will buy a tablet of pure black chololate with orange almost every day.
We will send a bouquet of flowers on your birthday
He will send your mother a bouquet of flowers on your birthday.
It will tell you that you look beautiful, no matter what ...
She'll think you look beautiful, no matter what ...
Will wait patiently while you try high-heeled shoes that you cannot afford
You will be amazed by the pair of shoes that you have loved


Before you go to bed tonight, think of the love I shelter for you. If you review everything good that has happened to you, you will see that I have given you innumerable favors through many circumstances and people. Each of them is a pledge of the great love that I have.

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I also ask you to meditate on how much love you have manifested. What kindnesses, what gestures of affection did you perform today so that others would perceive My love? Remember that I have no other mouth than yours or other hands than yours to comfort someone and bring it closer to Me. "Whatever you did for one of my brothers, even by the smallest, you did for me".

Every time you listen to a hunch, one of those little indications that I give you when I present an occasion to show affection to someone, I will pay. It is impossible to communicate love without receiving in return a portion of My love. "Give, and it shall be given".

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