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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The most original gifts for Valentine

Unique gifts for Valentine

Unique gifts for Valentine


The celebration of Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is an excellent date to celebrate the love and strong union you have with the couple. And without a doubt, there is no better way to do this than through a gift. But at this point there is always the big question about what to give to surprise the lover without being repetitive.

If you have great doubts about how to entertain your partner this February 14, this is the note you should read. Here we give you a list with the most original gifts for Valentine, with which you will surely leave your partner with his mouth open with astonishment.



What better way to entertain your partner than with a pair of pillow cases ideal for lovers. The designs are several and you will surely find a company that distributes them in your city, since they are the last shout of fashion in gifts for couples.
Some of the best designs for that special date that is 

Valentine's Day are those that have hearts, phrases or flowers. Also those who have a drawing that requires the two pillows to complete, this symbolic way expresses how much they need each other to feel good.

Who does not like to be given a relaxing massage, especially in the company of their partner? If your answer was "to everyone", this is undoubtedly the best gift you and your partner can make for Valentine's Day.

To achieve this you can hire a masseur at home or go to a beauty and beauty center that offers this service. There are different prices depending on the duration and the products used, so the cost is not an excuse not to offer this gift.

If you have more money, nothing better than directly give yourself an afternoon of spa with jacuzzi, solar bed, relaxation baths and tea in a peaceful environment.

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Nothing nicer than having breakfast with the couple in bed. So take advantage of Valentine's Day to give you a delicious breakfast prepared especially for him or her. There are many sites that offer this service at different prices, depending on the products that are included in the tray.

If you have soul of cook / o, more romantic even if your arms breakfast. Cook special things that do not eat the rest of the mornings, buy a nice tray and decorate everything with flowers. Better yet if you include a couple of allegorical cups a day, they may have romantic hearts or phrases.

As an idea we suggest, if you prepare your breakfast, cook everything with hearts: cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc. As for the colors, there is no doubt that the ideal is to resort to red and pink, both symbols of romance and love.


Another good gift to celebrate the love that both you and your partner have is to go on a trip to some special place. It does not have to be distant and costly, it just means something to you or it is a place that you have always wanted to go.

It can be a lagoon, the beach, the mountain, a country town or even an amusement park. The idea is to organize activities there to make that day unforgettable and to portray them all with a camera.

Then, to complete the gift, you will only have to print those images and create a scrapbook with them. No doubt you will leave your partner totally surprised.

As a detail, you can rent a car for an afternoon to move to the place. That way the ride will also be special, since they will not take the bus or subway as they usually do.


If your partner loves animals and always says that he craves a pet, there is no better time than Valentine's Day to give it away.

Go to the nearest pet store and buy the dog or cat that your partner always dreamed of having. In addition, you can acquire everything there to take care of it, that way the gift will be as complete as possible.

Remember the food, bath products, the walking belt (if it were a dog), the box where to make your needs, the toys and the cage to take you on a trip.

When you deliver it, you can tie the animal with a nice bow around your neck and release it to surprise your beloved's room. You will surely laugh when you see the huge surprise reflected on your face!
If you are female and none of these gifts convinces you to your partner, then you 're welcome to read our note on the best gifts for men on Valentine 's Day , there surely have the answers to your questions.

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