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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Valentines Day Love messages Quotes for girlfriend boyfriend

Valentines Day Love messages

Valentines Day Love messages

On this page you can find a selection of cute love words for lovers.

To inspire you if you want to create a cute message for your partner or another special person or simply to copy and paste them into an email message, facebook, whatsapp and other social networks. Here we provide ValentinesDay Love messages along with quotes for girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Photos of beautiful and original flowers to accompany a message from the heart and make sure it conveys what we feel. 

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They are simple, cute and romantic Valentines Day Love messages/quotes, you will only understand if love has caught you.

Most Beautiful Valentines Day messages For Girlfriend

I WANT YOU, without thinking, without measures, without sanity, without questions, without logic, without care. This is how I love you, as simple as I write it. As 
simple as sorry ...

You leave me speechless, do not just steal that and I breath.

I do not love you with the heart because the heart stops. I love you with the soul, because the soul is eternal. 

I do not despair, but do not forget that I wait for you here.
The smile is mine, but the reason is you ...

Your kisses are like gold nuggets to me, without a great value, but precious, because I suggest that there is a mine nearby.

As much as I dream about you, I do not know if I have you in my mind, in my life or in my heart ...

Valentines Day Love Quotes For Boyfriend

From so much dream, my pillow already learned your name and recite to me at dawn everything I tell you in dreams.

"Thrusting in your mouth would be a serious accident, but I take the consequences with pleasure. 

You are what I think most day and night, because my strongest feelings already bear your name.

The smile that I lack here today, is there hanging from your mouth.

Kiss me and see the stars, love me and I will give them to you ... 

For me there is no better pastime, think of you, no better occupation than love.

The clock is the master of time, but you are the owner of my time ...

I whispered "I love you ", I looked and then time stopped.

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